1. What is the Smart Ass Fuel Mule Electric Gas Caddy?
    • It's the genius, eco-friendly way to gas up your aquatic toys or heavy machinery right on YOUR terms. Think boat docks, private land, farms, ORV parks or jobsites—this mule's got your fueling needs covered!  It’s the smartest and most efficient and environmentally friendly gasoline caddy you’ve every seen to fuel your boat, jet-ski, waverunner or other type vehicle up on your own private dock or property.  Or to fuel up construction/farming equipment in the field.  Or your off road vehicles, Jeeps, dirt bikes, side by sides (SXS), etc. 
    • Bottom line, it's the best fuel caddy you've ever seen....
  2. How much fuel does it carry?
    • This bad boy can carry up to 50 gallons of fuel—enough to keep your adventures going strong.  That's right.  It's a 50 gallon gas caddy.  With a freaking motor that does all the work!
  3. Can it be used only on paved surfaces or also off road?
    • From smooth pavement to rugged terrain, it's a champ! Don't push it to Dukes of Hazzard extremes, but it'll go almost anywhere you want it to.
    • Yes it has it’s limits… but they’re UP THERE!  You aren’t going to be climbing big steps (unless you use ramps!) or taking it off any sweet jumps, but it’ll go places you’ll never find an easier way to get fuel to.
  4. Hasn't this been done before?  (Insert picture of basic boring gasoline caddy)
    • What we’ve got here is completely unique solution to the problem of transporting moderate quantities of fuel off-road. I’ve seen it called the Porsche of refueling solutions. And it is. It's the YETI of off-road capable refueling solutions.
      • 750w Brushless IP65 drive motor controlled with thumb throttle.
      • Four 10" wheels and tires designed for off road use.
      • 50 gallon capacity
      • 1” Solid axle tracks up and down ramps nice and straight
      • Hydraulic disc brakes with parking brakes.
      • 15 gal/min electric pump. (we may offer a 20gal/min option)
      • Rechargeable batteries onboard that power everything.
      • Capable of climbing ramps at 29degs of angle (6' ramps into the bed of a common pickup truck are easy)
      • This thing rocks.  It's the first and only motorized all terrain off road capable gas caddy.  There's nothing else like it.
  5. Who is Smart Ass Products LLC?
    • We're a bunch of lake-loving entrepreneurs and gearheads who raced cars, dabbled in engineering, and then got hooked on boating. We're enthusiasts and engineers FOCUSED on making lake life better.
  6. Is the Smart Ass Fuel Mule patented?
    • We're in the Patent Pending stage (US 63/513,633 USPTO). The government's nod is pending, but trust us, it's something special.
  7. Can I use it to fuel up my race car?
    • My buddy Scott had us gas his car up for him at a recent Cosmic Drift event, it's perfect!  Next thing you know other racers there were asking if we could bring them fuel!
  8. OK so it's not just for boats, who else needs a Smart Ass Fuel Mule?
    • Correct, though conceived on the shores of Lake Lanier, the Smart Ass Fuel Mule is not just for boats.  We're hearing from lots of customers in the construction industry, and from the aviation industry as well.  Off Road Vehicle parks, equipment rental and service facilities, race tracks, country clubs, etc -- they all love the Fuel Mule!
  9. So does it roll right out onto the dock?
    • Heck yes! It glides out smoothly, maneuvers tight spots effortlessly, and cozies up right beside your watercraft.  This electric gas caddy is designed to fit where you need it, and to do it SAFELY.
  10. How steep of a decline/climb can it make?
    • For extended climbs, we recommend no more than about a 15-16deg grade.  Granted is may be hard to picture that, but for reference that's about as steep a climb as you'd ever find on a typical hillside that you'd be capable of walking up.
    • For short ramp climbs, such as into or out of a truck, or ramps to help navigate an elevation change at the shoreline or dock gangway—We’ve tested extensively at 29deg or more… which is a 55% grade!  Just don’t be a dumb donkey!
    • Here's some testing with a full load of weight (filled with water) where you can see we one-hand, even two finger operate this most excellent of all Gas Caddies up and down the ramps in and out of the truck, torture testing the brakes and powertrain.  The Fuel Mule handles it like a boss!
  11. What fuels can be transported in the Smart Ass Fuel Mule?
    • Darn near anything you'd ever need to transport.  Gasoline or common E10/E15 variants are a go.  Diesel and Biodiesel.  Kerosene.  AVGAS 100LL and Jet A are fine as well.  Got another fuel type you need to know about? Let us know!
  12. I'm a boater -- How much money can I save using the Smart Ass Fuel Mule to fuel up my boat?
    • Well, that depends on just how much you use your boat!  Most Marinas seem to upcharge about $1.50 to as much as $4 per gallon on fuel prices!
    • Quick Math:  My boat holds 63 gallons but I've never needed more than 50 to fill it up.  50 gallons x $2 per gallon saved is $100 saved.  For instance Jerry, the creator of the Fuel Mule gas caddy, fills his boat’s tank up about twice a week in the boating season here in Georgia.  That’s about 52 fillups a year.  52 fillups x $100 per fillup?  That’s $5,200 per year saved using the Fuel Mule.
    • Yes-- That boat gets a lot of use.  But even for people that use their boat a lot less — this sucker will save you money with a full return on your investment, FAST.
  13. I'm considering using this to fuel up my boat.  Is it faster?  Does it save me time or just money?
    • You nailed it, you're not just going to save money, but GOBS of time.  It's faster than a trip to the marina and back easily. Say goodbye to waiting at pumps or dodging marina traffic—this mule gets you sorted in record time.  Even if you're right next to a marina like we are, this is faster every single time.  And you don't waste money lugging your boat through the water to fill up or burn any of it up boating back home!
  14. Does this Mack Daddy Gas Caddy actually save me fuel?
    • How much fuel do you spend just getting to the marina and back just to fill up?  Even if it’s a short ride like us… you still spend something.  And if you’re 5 or 10 miles from the closest marina like some of our buddies across the lake… it starts to save you a LOT in fuel costs.  And oh my gosh the time saved adds up FAST!
  15. Is it more convenient?
    • Abso-freakin-lutely.  It's all about convenience! No more party interruptions or long waits—it keeps your fun-filled days rolling!
    • While it can be very convenient to fill up at a marina if you’re already there while out all day and don’t mind burning cash…..  It’s far more convenient to not have to. 
    • And let’s say you’re having that birthday party for your young foal or filly—and you’re out pulling them on a tube all day with their friends, burning gas like it was your job, and you run low.  Aw man… is the party over?  Not with the Smart Ass Fuel Mule.  You were NOT a dumb donkey, you already had that sucker right next to the house full and ready to rock.  5 minutes later you’re back on the water in that smile-generating-machine!  Talk about maximizing Smiles-Per-Gallon Fun!!!
  16. Is it hard to operate?  Can a small framed person safely operate the Smart Ass Fuel Mule or do I need to a be stud like you guys?
    • Small frame? No problem! Just be a Smart Ass, follow instructions, and let the mule do the heavy lifting.
    • Some dumb donkeys will tell you size matters, but with the Smart Ass Fuel Mule—you let the mule do all the work, all you have to do is use your head and you’ll be fine.  Read the manual, watch the videos, and use the Smart Ass Fuel Mule with some intelligence, you’re gonna be just fine whether you’re a just a bit more than a filly or foal, or a wise old jack or jenny…
  17. What the heck is a jack or jenny?
    • Don’t be a jackass!  (Or a jennyass for that matter!)   A jack is an adult male donkey, and a jenny is the same, but female—now, you're in the know!
  18. Is it hard to load into the bed of a truck? Or to get it out?
    • Not at all.  Read the manual and practice a little bit to get the hang of it, and you will be fine.  So long as you’re not a dumb donkey this thing does all the heavy lifting for you….   Unlike the labor required in walking 5+ gallons in each hand to and from the boat over and over again, the only work you have to do with this fuel caddy of excellence is steer it and control the thumb throttle and brake, the rest is cake.  You might run over a snake.  On your way to the lake.  OK, I'm done now.... just don't let carrying gas cans strain your back, that's what a long day of surfing is supposed to do! 
    • Check out this little video demo of the Fuel Mule loaded with 50 Gallons of gasoline!
  19. Can I use this with Ethanol Fuels like E10 safely in my boat?
    • Yes, absolutely.  Just ensure your boat's compatible with E10—it's all about safe and savvy usage.   For instance in our 2021 Supra SA400, and prior 2019 Malibu 23LSV, 100% yes, E10 fuels are safe and listed as good to go in the manual.  Check your watercrafts user manual to confirm.
  20. But what if I don’t want to use E10 fuels?
    • Duh.  You just like, don’t use E10 fuels.  You buy Rec90 or other non-ethanol fuel at your local gas station and you still save a ton of money and time like the Smart Ass you are!
  21. Will this reduce spills that happen so commonly when filling my boat at my dock using other methods, such as the old ‘lug a bunch of 5 gallon cans to the dock and pour it in the hard way’ method?
    • Yes, absolutely-  used like a Smart Ass, the Fuel Mule will completely eliminate ANY spillage when used properly.  Not even a drop.  There’s no other solution on the market that can beat that, and most of them pale in comparison.  Follow the instructions in the manual and the videos we provide, and you’ll be just fine.  Not a drop.
      • Individual 5 gallon gas cans pouring in manually?  This is one of the worst options.  These suckers ALWAYS leak it seems.  And you’re using 10 of them to fill a 50 gallon boat tank, that’s 10 chances that either they leak, or that you drip some fuel in the water either when starting or stopping fueling.  They’re heavy and unwieldy, and it’s a tough job to do with minimal spill.
      • What about siphon solutions?  Can I avoid a spill that way?  That’s easier, you don’t have to hold the 5 gallon can carefully tipping it into the fuel filler for 2-3 minutes per can, so yeah, it’s better.  You still have to carry all those cans down to the dock, and every time you pull that hose into or out of a can, you will find you likely drop at least SOME fuel.  We can do it better.
      • What about funnel type solutions that let you just drop a bunch of fuel into a big funnel and fill your boat using gravity?  Those work better than manually pouring it in as well.  Since you don’t remove the hose from the tank filler or gas can each time you change out cans, yes there’s less chance for drippage there.  But what happens when you tank is full but there’s still fuel left in the funnel?  Where does it go?  You better have a plan for that…..   Oh, and you’re still lugging 10 gas cans down to your boat and back….
      • There are some other gas caddy like solutions that carry smaller quantities of fuel, but make you do all the work.  Hand pumps that take forever.  Multiple trips to get a full tank.  No brakes to help you manage the hill, and no parking brakes to bring it to a standstill.  Tiny little wheels/tires never intended for use off road.  No power assist to help you get it across rough terrain and back up the hill.  You do you.  Our Smart Ass is gonna do us.  And I bet we beat you out onto the lake!  
  22. Is it safe?
    • Absolutely!  We've been using it for years, designed for safety, we've partnered with the pros and done this right—this mule's as safe as safe gets.
    • Even after years of safe usage and testing, we’ve gone back to the drawing board joining in partnership with Intertek, a leading National Research Testing Laboratory, to refine the product further and to maximize safety on all fronts.  We've consulted with a Master Electrician (IBEW instructor) and other engineers, and we've done something with what we learned.  We’ve made a handful of small refinements to make this product as safe as it possibly can be and have integrated those changes into the final product!.  If you are a Smart Ass like us, and not a dumb donkey… this mule's as safe as safe gets.
  23. Is it legal to fuel my boat up myself like this?
    • While we encourage people to check their local laws and regulations—100% of the time thus far we have found it to be safe and legal to fuel your boat at your own private property or private dock.   We’ve checked all regulatory body regulations that we can find thus far, and all of them allow for fueling your private boat at your private dock. 
  24. So it’s environmentally friendly AND saves money?  AND it’s safe?  AND saves time while being more convenient?
    • Ding, ding, ding! You've hit the jackpot, Smart Ass!
  25. How do you carry it to the gas station?
    • We use a pickup truck and a set of ramps.  The motor EASILY drives it right up a set of ramps into the bed of a pickup truck, doing all of the hard work for you.  The hydraulic brakes are powerful and easily allow you to control the unit when unloading down ramps, or even to come to a complete stop with ease mid ramp. 

      A small trailer would do the trick nicely too and could be pulled by a small car for those that don’t have a truck.  Check out the video above for a demonstration!
  26. I keep my boat at a marina.  Will they allow use of the Smart Ass Fuel Mule to fuel my boat at their marina?
    • We originally built this most excellent of gasoline caddy goodness for fueling at private docks-- but some marinas will allow you to use it there as well!  You’re going to have to ask them.  In some cases, marinas discourage private fueling of vessels at their facilities for one of at least three reasons.
      • 1) They want to sell you fuel.
      • 2) Their insurance may require them to only allow fueling at their fueling docks.
      • 3) And of course, the big one:  They want to sell you fuel.
        • (they'll probably blame it on their insurance anyways)
  27. How much does it cost?
    • We’re manufacturing these (In Gainesville, GA USA) as cost effectively as possible but as you all know -- nothing is cheap to build these days, and we’re overbuilding these to make them as safe and functional as possible. No corners have been cut.  No half assing has occurred here.  No pun intended, it's built like a tank and will last you for years and years of service.  Retail price is $4495.  Act now though and use code VIP500PRE during checkout and save $500!!!
  28. Can I buy a Smart Ass Fuel Mule now?
  29. Can I ride it?
    • Nah, don't do that. We're gonna have to tell you not to ride it even if it doesn't have fuel in it. You're gonna have to be a smart ass not a dumb donkey 🙂.  
       Yes, w
      e ride them around at boat shows just to illustrate that it's motorized, otherwise people assume we're just pulling it. You know the drill:  Professional rider on a closed course, do not try this at home!  (and those display units have never had fuel in them!)
  30. Is the Smart Ass Fuel Mule only for boating and marine applications?
    • You are a Smart Ass aren’t you?  You’re right, there are SO MANY more applications for the Smart Ass Fuel Mule.  We originally envisioned it in the marine market, and that’s where we’re going to get our start, but I suspect you’ll be seeing these things on a jobsite, farm, off road vehicle park, race track, and small airports near you soon.    Smart Asses, unite!
  31. But... I really like carrying a almost a dozen heavy gas cans down to the dock and spending the better part of an hour filling my boat!
    • Who are you kidding?  No you don't!   That can be a thing of the past!!
  32. Where can I get some more info?