The Revolutionary Gas Caddy

This is not your daddy's gas caddy.  This is a whole new animal and a first of its kind... The Smart Ass Fuel Mule is A 50 Gallon, off road, fully electric, hassle-free, built like-a-tank gas caddy specifically designed to save you from the back breaking labor of dealing with leaking gas cans and those outrageous marina prices. Fill up with 1 trip to the dock instead of 10, fill your boat's fuel tank in 3 minutes as opposed to 30, and forget that price gouging $2-$4 markup at the marina. Stop wasting time filling up and start spending time where you should be, on the water making memories! With a $100 to $200 dollar savings every time you use your Fuel Mule, the decision is clear. Be the Smart Ass everyone knows you to be and get yourself a Smart Ass Fuel Mule!

Smart Ass In Action

Jett and Sean: World Champion Wakesurfers

Don't just take our word for it. Ride with the pros on this refueling revolution. The Smart Ass Fuel Mule is the gas caddy preferred by the legends themselves and the time savings for these guys means less time jug lugging and more time breaking records!

Left to right: Sean Silveira 4X Champ Wakesurfer, Jett Lambert Current Champ Wakesurfer, Jerry Hoffmann Pro Smart Ass, Dylon DaSilva Pro Smart Ass.

Watch Jett and Sean Using Their Mule Here