So what do our customers think of this 'mother of all gas caddies' we've created?

They absolutely love the Smart Ass Fuel Mule!  We're shipping them all over the country, but we have the most fun when we deliver this most amazing of gas caddies ourselves when we can locally, and get to catch our customer's reactions first hand.  We'll document some of those here, as well as videos our customers may send in, and/or other testimonials they provide!  Everybody loves the Fuel Mule.  Without a single exception, anyone that has seen it or used it, loves it.  

Hicks Milner - Lake Lanier, GA

Hicks is local to us, about 20 minutes away from where the Smart Ass Fuel Mule was first invented.  We met Hicks at the Atlanta Boat Show early in 2024 where he ran into us in the parking lot and bought a Smart Ass Fuel Mule paid in full right there on the spot!  It was a pre-order of course, so he had to wait while we got production going but he felt it worth it.  And man was it fun delivering that unit to Hicks in June!  

He's got a gorgeous estate on Lake Lanier on the Chestatee River side, close to our HQ by land, a bit farther by water.  It's a beautiful place.... a large yard covering a peninsula out into the lake with a gorgeous home on it.  Hicks does a lot of the maintenance himself.  He uses a John Deere tractor/large mower, with a large tow-behind blower, and has a pontoon boat in the dock as well.  He's used to having to lug 5 or 6 jugs of fuel back to the property regularly to keep everything going.  And those jugs... well...  they're awful.  Heavy and leaky.  And slow flowing with a tiny capacity if you're doing a big job.  Hicks' life was about to change....

He's absolutely in love with his Smart Ass Fuel Mule.  As we  think you'll be able to see here ;).