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Smart Ass Fuel Mule Gas Caddy

Smart Ass Fuel Mule Gas Caddy

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The Smart Ass Fuel Mule is the ONLY motorized electric gas caddy with pump holding up to 50 gallons to allow for effortless transporting of fuel to nearly any desired off road location.  Made right here in the USA, you wont be disappointed.  This is not your daddy's gas caddy.  This is a whole new animal...  a Fuel Mule you might say, the 911 of the Gas Caddy world.  And it's a BEAST.

Powerful and Built Tough:
Transport 50 gallons nearly effortlessly with the Fuel Mule's sturdy construction and overbuilt design, even on ramp inclines up to 29 degrees. With a 750w Brushless IP65 sealed drive motor and off-road wheels/tires, the Smart Ass Fuel Mule Motorized 50 gallon gas caddy with pump conquers darn near any terrain effortlessly. It's powerful motor ensures easy climbs and the careful design ensures precise maneuvering, making it ideal for transporting fuel to any destination, on or off-road.

Simple to Operate:
Designed for rough terrain and tight spaces, the Smart Ass Fuel Mule boasts user-friendly controls like a thumb throttle and hand brake to allow you to Start, stop, and climb hills and ramps effortlessly. And uses an automatic shutoff fuel nozzle to prevent spills. Rechargeable batteries offer several trips to fuel your boat or whatever you're fueling, easily recharged with the included charger.

Refuel faster than ever:
With a powerful 15 gallons per minute electric pump, refuel FAST with the Smart Ass Fuel Mule, outpacing most gas station pumps. That's right, the pump on this thing is likely faster than the gas station you'll fill it al.

Safety is built right in:
Hydraulic disc brakes ensure safe control and easy stops even fully loaded on ramps, and a myriad of UL and DOT approved components along with our partnership with Intertek for design review and risk analysis, we've put nearly 4 years of refinement and testing into building the best gas caddy ever made, and we've done it right.   Making every effort to ensure reliable and safe performance.  You're going to love it.  

Environmentally Friendly:
Say goodbye to spills with the leak-proof design and auto-shutoff nozzle of the Smart Ass Fuel Mule, providing a cleaner way to transport and fill fuel on your boat dock, or anywhere else you need it.  This amazing gas caddy with pump is the cleanest eco-friendly way to fuel your boat or equipment.  

From boats to construction equipment, to agriculture and farming, to the ATV ORV course and the racetrack, the Smart Ass Fuel Mule is the ultimate Fuel Caddy and fills all kinds of refueling needs. Letting you bring fuel where you need it.


The Smart Ass Fuel Mule comes equipped with:

-50 Gallon DOT Approved Transfer Tank with internal baffles

-Compatible with Gasoline, E10, E15, Diesel, Kerosene, AVGAS and Jet A

-15 Gallon Per Minute GPI Fuel 24V electric pump (UL Listed )

-Automatic shutoff nozzle (UL Listed )

-10' Feet of Antistatic fuel hose (UL Listed )

-24V 750W Brushless powertrain motor 

-Thumb Throttle with reverse toggle button

-Hydraulic Disc Brake system with parking brake  

-10" off road turf style tires

-24V Rechargeable battery system (charger included)

-Security Key switch with 2 Keys 

-Length 39.5"   x   Width 30"   x   42" Height 

-A 1 year warranty on all non wear and tear parts


Pre-orders are being filled now, new orders will ship mid-June on a first-come-first-served basis.  Get your order in now to lock down your delivery date!  Shipping will be charged upon product completion and customers will be contacted prior to shipping.  


Check out our Fuel Mule FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions!

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