Smart Ass Fuel Mule Motorized Gas Caddy

Smart Ass Fuel Mule Motorized Gas Caddy

In the realm of off-road adventures, marine excursions and weekend water fun, construction sites, and farmsteads, one recurring challenge persists: the transportation of substantial quantities of fuel across rugged terrains. Enter the Smart Ass Fuel Mule, a groundbreaking solution designed to revolutionize the way we transport 50 gallons of gasoline, diesel fuel, and other fuels (ask us!) off-road. This innovative gas caddy isn't just a game-changer; it's the Porsche of refueling solutions and the YETI of off-road capable refueling equipment.


At, we're proud to unveil a product that solves the age-old problem of efficiently and safely transporting moderate fuel quantities off-road. Originally conceptualized for gassing up boats at private docks while utilizing cost-effective street gas pumps to save time and money versus gassing up at the marina, the Smart Ass Fuel Mule has evolved into a versatile solution catering to a myriad of refueling needs.



Let's delve into the exceptional features that set the Smart Ass Fuel Mule apart:


Power and Performance:

Equipped with a 750w Brushless IP65 sealed drive motor, this marvel of engineering is controlled effortlessly with a thumb throttle, ensuring precise maneuverability in various off-road environments. Its four 10" wheels and tires, purposefully designed for off-road usage, guarantee stability and durability across diverse landscapes.  With power to spare, the Smart Ass Fuel Mule, even with a full load, has no problem climbing steep ramps or hills.  Start, stop, start again mid-hill or ramp, this thing is a BEAST and has the power to get the job done. 


Easy to use:

Designed for maximum usability over rough terrain, and in tight places like boat docks, with easy to operate controls that just about any Intelligent Donkey can operate with just a little familiarization, the Smart Ass Fuel Mule motorized gas caddy make what used to be a challenging job EASY.   The automatic shutoff fuel nozzle prevents overfills and spills.  Additionally, the onboard rechargeable batteries power everything and offers ample battery life, providing users with uninterrupted operation while an included charger ensures convenient recharging.


High-Speed Refueling:

With a powerful 15 gallons per minute electric pump the Smart Ass Fuel Mule facilitates swift refueling, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.  It actually pumps faster than most gas station pumps, yes, you’ll empty this thing faster than you can fill it!


Impressive Capacity and Functionality:

Boasting a 50-gallon capacity, the Fuel Mule enables users to transport substantial amounts of gasoline with ease. Its 1” solid axle ensures smooth ascents and descents on ramps, making loading and unloading hassle-free, even on inclines of up to 29 degrees.


Enhanced Safety Features:

Safety is paramount, which is why the Fuel Mule incorporates hydraulic disc brakes with parking capabilities, ensuring secure stops and reliable parking on varied terrains.  We use a custom DOT approved tank that’s made in the USA just for us.  A GPI American Made UL Listed pump, antistatic hose/nozzle, IP65 sealed brushless motor.  Simple lead-acid batteries.  Sealed electronics enclosure for the batteries, brushless motor controller, relays, fusing, etc.  UL listed components in all critical locations and anywhere else feasible.  Intensely engineered and reviewed by a Master Electrician and IBEW instructor.  Furthermore we’ve worked with Intertek, one of the largest NRTLs (National Research Testing Laboratory) in the nation, for safety review and refinement.  We’ve done our homework.  We’ve used and abused these things in a controlled environment, and they’re extremely safe. 


The Smart Ass Fuel Mule is an Environmentally and ECO Friendly Solution: 

Filling equipment, boats, and other toys with gasoline often involves hand-held gas cans that nearly ALWAYS leak unless they’re brand new.  The Smart Ass Fuel Mule makes it easy to fill without spill.  And I mean with just a touch of care, you won’t spill a DROP!   The auto-shutoff nozzle makes filling your equipment worry free.  There’s just no cleaner way to transport fuel.


Versatile Applications:

From fueling up boats at private docks to servicing construction and farming equipment, off-road vehicles, and various other machinery (small aircraft anyone?), the Fuel Mule's versatility knows no bounds. Its adaptability makes it an indispensable asset across multiple hobbies and industries, offering cost-effective refueling solutions where traditional methods fall short.


In conclusion, the Smart Ass Fuel Mule is a groundbreaking innovation that transcends conventional refueling practices. Its robust design, exceptional capabilities, and versatility make it the go-to solution for transporting fuel off-road efficiently and cost-effectively.


Visit today and experience the future of off-road fuel transport with the Smart Ass Fuel Mule motorized gas caddy. Join the revolution in refueling solutions and embrace unparalleled convenience and efficiency for all your off-road/all terrain refueling needs!

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