7WaterSports Centurion Boats booth at the Orlando Boat Show 2024

2024: Orlando Boat Show

So now that we're back in town and getting caught up we figured we would share a bit about our recent trip to the 2024 Orlando Boat Show!

7WaterSports Centurion Boats booth at the Orlando Boat Show 2024

The team at 7WaterSports was super gracious to invite us to join them in their booth, where little did we know we had been deemed 'their secret weapon' as people walking by saw something in the Smart Ass Fuel Mule electric gas caddy that they'd never seen before, and stopped by to learn more.  And in the process, they got to learn more about the amazing line of Centurion Boats that the 7WaterSports team had on display.  And DANG that new Predator tower they have is SWEET!

The 7WaterSports Centurion Boats booth got busy!

The show was great, everybody loved the Fuel Mule and we made a ton of exciting connections and learned about some other markets outside of boating where people are excited about these things.  Surprise, surprise-- boat people sometimes also own airplanes, and we heard time and time about that people in aviation need fuel transport solutions to get gas to their small airplanes and helicopters.  We had heard the same at prior shows we've done from other pilots, but got some good info in Orlando from a few of them.  We had no idea Rotax engines prefer mogas, aka street pump fuel, to AVGAS 100LL, and that pilots can save a ton of money on fuel and reduce maintenance on their engines by using our fuel caddy for aviation as a fuel transfer solution to gas up their aircraft!  Next up.... airplane tradeshows???  Maybe....

The 7WaterSports crew with the Smart Ass guysWe had a great time hanging out with Matt Manzari and his team Maria, Brock, Chad, James Otto (also of Surf Union) and several pro riders they had hanging out most of the weekend.  We'll resist the further urge to name drop ;).  Such a great group of people though!


What else did we see at the show?

While were were there of course we spent a little time talking to other vendors that were at the show and learning a little bit about their products, and just rubbing shoulders and discussing how we could help each other to grow and get the word out on some of the cool stuff we'd seen, we saw some pretty crazy things....  a water skiing squirrel???  That needed our help???


Twiggy the waterskiing squirrel at the Orlando Boat Show 2024
Twiggy the Water-Skiing Squirrels wows the crowds....

We were out walking the show with a Fuel Mule in tow and Twiggy's dad Chuck chased us down to tell us Twiggy had an emergency need for help-- he had run out of gas while water skiing and needed to use the Fuel Mule to get back on the water.  We gladly obliged!  (video incoming).

Sometimes we ride these things around the shows to illustrate that it's a motorized gas caddy and not just a simple wagon.  And when we do we get stopped to talk a LOT. (professional rider, closed course, do not try this at home, you know the drill!). 

SICWaterFloats ChillOut Chair -- Chill out like it's your job!

Two of the people that stopped us were Deron and Beth from SICWaterFloat.com, who just had to know more about the Smart Ass Fuel Mule, and the Smart Ass that was riding it, and while we were there we got to check out their awesome water floats. Chairs that help you chill out like it's your job!  



Excited new Smart Ass Fuel Mule owner at the Orlando Boat Show

Just one of many Smart Asses that have their preorder in and are soon to be new Fuel Mule owners!!


Smart Ass Fuel Mule all dressed up representing 7WaterSports and Centurion Boats!
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