The Smart Ass Fuel Mule Gas Caddy is a GAMECHANGER!

2024: Lake Lanier Boat Show

The 2024 Lake Lanier Boat Show on March 23rd and 24th was great!  Yes it got started a little late with some bad weather on Friday pushing the start out a day, but we met a ton of great people on Saturday and Sunday and had a great time!  

Everybody flat out loves the Smart Ass Fuel Mule and they made sure to let us know!  I think one of the most common comments has to be 'that is genius', and I gotta say... we'll take that compliment any day.  We think so too.  It's one of those ideas that isn't super complex, but it's just so doggone (donkeygone?) 'why didn't I think of that' useful!  

Smart Ass Fuel Mule closeup on the handle

We met people that are interested in saving money for sure, and then we met people that are interested in using the Smart Ass Fuel Mule Gas Caddy to save time.  We want to help you save BOTH!  And in doing so, to Make Lake Life More Enjoyable in every way!


Jerry and Dylon with the Smart Ass Fuel Mule 

Other cool stuff we saw at the show

There were quite a number of other cool vendors at the show.  Some of which we got to spend time with learning a bit about their products and services.  It was great getting to know Austin Kain from SolBreeze who makes some awesome Dog Life Jackets, but their killer eyeball catcher that I know a lot of people would love is their Dog Ladder for Boats and Docks to make it EASY for your dog to climb out of the water back onto your dock or boat!

We also got to talk with John KickLighter from Acryfin Coatings who makes an amazing product for resurfacing docks and decks and adding years to their life, as well as a local installer for their products Felipe Jaramillo from Elemental Resurfacing who does dock and deck refinishing in North Georgia using these amazing Acryfin products!


The weather put a little damper on the foot traffic at the show but overall we made a lot of great contacts and well... you're going to see some more Smart Ass Fuel Mule's running up and down your shorelines very soon now!  ;)   Save time.  Save money.  Make Lake Life More Enjoyable. 

This isn't just any gas caddy, this is a gamechanger.  


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